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maximizing soybean crops northwest Ohio
Spider Mites, Aphids or Beetles? Hire Wollam Ag be your hit man! 
Want Better Beans?
Would you like to get more yield and more profits from your soybeans? 

Put our nearly 90 years of experience and service to customers to work for you!
Our G.P.S. Soil Testing will tell you what your soil needs to grow great soybeans and exactly where it needs it.

Then, we can apply the right lime and fertilizer products customized to meet your farm's needs. 
Above prices do not include application. Prices subject to change.
Once your beans start growing, we have a full line of chemicals to help them every step of the way. Contact us to develop a customized soybean program just for you. Call 419-596-3896,  send us a website message or stop by our store in Continental, Ohio.    
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Green Up Your Beans!
Plant Food - $5 per acre
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