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Lime Enhances Your Farm & Your Profits
There are many benefits to using lime. Lime improves fertilizer use by as much as 50% or more.
It also helps generate higher crop yields and more profit per acre. 

Not sure how much lime you need or exactly where you need it? We provide GPS Soil Testing services that tell you where lime is needed, how much is required and custom applications that will deliver the lime product specifically to those targeted locations.  

(Note: all prices include application, our friendly and dependable service as well as nearly 90 years of our knowledge and experience)
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Factors in choosing Liming Products, Soil Amendments, & Manure

Calcium and Magnesium Content:
These products are responsible for neutralizing the soil to increase pH.

Fineness (Particle Size)/Reaction Time:
Smaller particle sizes react faster to neutralize the soil to increase pH.

Fertilizer Value:
Why buy only lime when you can get lime and fertilizer together!

Freight charges may apply. 
Prices subject to change.