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driveway stone
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Helping NW Ohio Homeowners with Landscape Projects
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Pond Supplies

Wollam Ag Center is here to help you with your home landscape and maintenance projects. We offer a variety of driveway stone, mulch, decorative gravel, flagstone, boulders, top soil, sand, pond supplies, fertilizers and herbicides to make your lawn and landscape look just the way you want. 

Our dedicated staff is also here to help you make decisions on what materials are right for your needs and to figure out what quantities of supplies you need. 

Pick-up your landscape supplies at our store in Continental, Ohio or have us deliver it to your home.

Contact us with your landscape project and pond maintenance questions by calling 419-596-3896 or send us a website message.  

Whether you are installing a new driveway or freshening up an existing drive with a new layer of stone after a long winter, we offer a variety of choices. 
driveway stone
landscape mulch
decorative gravel for landscaping
flagstone for patios and retaining walls
landscape boulders
top soil and sand
pond maintenance supplies
Give your landscape beds the finishing touch that mulching provides. Mulch adds beauty, helps maintain moisture, inhibits weed growth and regulates soil temperature.    
Keep your pond clean, clear and looking great with our variety of pond supplies including colorants, cattail control, algae control, aquatic herbicides, barley straw and more.      
Boulders create a dramatic impact for any landscape. They provide a great focal point or beautiful accents to any area. Landscape boulders are also highly functional and can be used to block or divert both vehicular and foot traffic.      
Decorative gravel is a great addition to any landscape. Like mulch, decorative gravel helps maintain soil moisture and fight weed growth. Enhance flower beds and define landscape borders using our variety of decorative gravel options.   
Flagstone is perfect for creating beautiful patios, walkways, steps, retaining walls and more in your home landscape. We offer many types, sizes, styles and colors.   
Our quality, nutrient-rich top soil is the foundation of any successful landscape bed or garden. We also offer sand for play areas and beaches for your pond.        
pea gravel for ponds and landscape
Pea Gravel

pea gravel
Pea gravel is versatile and can be utilized for many things in your home landscape. Use on pond banks, create pathways and much more. We offer pea gravel in many different sizes.  
lawn and garden fertilizers and herbicides
Lawn & Garden Fertilizers and Herbicides

lawn fertilizers and herbicides
We offer a variety of fertilizers and herbicides for your lawn and garden.       
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