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Proudly Serving Farmers and Homeowners Throughout Northwest Ohio Since 1927
Family Owned and Operated
custom applications of lime, fertilizers and pesticides for NW Ohio farmers
​The Equipment To Meet The Needs of Your Farm and Crops
Your farm is unique and so are its needs. We offer the equipment along with the knowledge and experience to help you meet the demands of your farm so you maximize the yield and the profits from your crops.   

Using our G.P.S. Soil Testing services, we can determine what your soil needs and where. Then, we can apply the lime products and fertilizers only where they are needed, saving you money. Once your crops are planted, we can apply the fertilizers and pesticides to help you achieve the yields you need. 

Contact us to discuss your farm and how our nearly 90 years of experience and service will help you. Please call 419-596-3896 or send us a website message.        
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